Contract Logistics

What Does Contract Logistics Involve?

Contract Logistics is a kind of third-party logistics service in which a company outsources certain aspects of supply chain operations to a provider who specialises in that area.

This specialised company is known as a contract logistics provider. It manages part, or all, of a company’s supply chain, including storage, transportation, and distribution, under a contractual agreement. 

Contract logistics helps to optimise the customer’s supply chain operations, drastically improves efficiency, and reduces overall costs. 

As your contract logistics provider, Jam Couriers brings its logistics expertise and resources to the table, along with cutting-edge technology and special equipment to take the weight off your shoulders. This way, you can focus your attention on your core business activities to ensure your company is thriving. 

We aim to be flexible in order to provide your business with scalable solutions for contract logistics. 

Your Trusted Partner in the World of Logistics 

Do you find that you are spending far too much of your precious time dealing with your business’s logistics? Jam Couriers will be your trusted partner to ensure your time is best spent on building your business instead of complex logistics. Our professional, efficient team will help you boost your business’s efficiency, drastically reduce overall costs, and optimize your supply chain operations. 

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